Kayla Annalise

Favorite Quotes---

"There is no better makeup than self-confidence"

"You can't have a testimony without a test."
-America's Next Top Model 2004

"How can anyone concentrate on looking beautiful when all that is going on around them and inside their head, as well? Modeling isn't easy. Modeling is actually really hard. Modeling is acting. You have to act like you're actually enjoying yourself when the truth is, every single inch of you is hurting and uncomfortable...most of all your heart."
-Meg Cabot-"Airhead"

"-I exuded confidence and charm. That's what I was trying to tell you. Anyone can do it. It doesn't matter how you look or what you're wearing."
-Meg Cabot-"Airhead"

"Is it a dream or a goal? The difference is the willingness to do what you have to to get it."
-Photographic Operations

Q.) Who has been the greatest Influence on your career?:
A.) Myself: From the endless challenges I face-to the effort I make to improve myself and reach new goals.
-Alberta Ferretti

Kayla Annalise Model