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Here's a "How2!" I know-these days everybody is looking on ways to cut back on carbs, calories and otherwise. Here are a few ways!

Believe it or not..a whole egg contains 90 calories! Having an egg white is only 17 calories! Having a whole egg also means you're technically having all the fat you need to last for one day!

Skip the 2%+...Go to Skim milk and fat free! It's healthier for you and tastes better once you're used to it!

Eat whole grain/bran toast, or fiber toast...Don't EVER do white!

Sugar turns straight to fat-try to cut it out! Know what sugars work for you though-veggies and fruits also contain sugars-they are just healthy sugars!

Personal Update! 08/20/2009
Hey guys!
Sorry for not writing much! I have been so busy shooting! This week I have primarily been focusing on agencies and getting signed. I have learned a lot thanks to a lot of my friends who are signed and from my personal experiences. I found a really great site for portfolio image printing; they are fast and efficient. ( http://www.adoramapix.com  ) I received my portfolio images in the mail yesterday and ended up going into SMG (Seattle Models Guild) for their open call. I was actually surprised to see how many people were there (considering they have open calls twice a week). There were three girls there. It was interested to see the way they were dressed and how they looked. They all had paper peachy file folders and small 4x6 prints. They were all wearing makeup and nice clothing. I would have done the same if it weren’t for Kylie. Kylie Ann told me the right way to do things; a printed book, dark wash skinny jeans, black high-heels, a white or black tank, no makeup and natural hair (I heard a girl get critiqued on all this-she was too wrongly dressed in her shorts, hat, sneakers, and baggy top.) Anyways, they were called in alone while their mothers sat in the waiting room. One came out and said "I am too short, and my feet are too big." At that point I was freaking out. 6'0 and a size 10.5 wide shoe. What would they say about me? The next girl went in, and came out with a grumpy look-and said nothing. The one right before me went in and I could hear them say that her snapshots didn’t do her justice-the way she was dressed was wrong, and a ton of other things that made me sweat with anxiety. It was finally my turn. The lady brought me into a small room and asked my age, email, phone, measurements and asked for my book. I showed her and she said my look was too commercial for them, that I had great measurements but to check out TCM and Heffner model management. It was great learning-and I will be checking out other agencies next week!
Hey guys!
Thanks again for those of you reading my blog! My site stats show a lot of views and I am very thankful I can be helpful to you guys! So-in those posting I am going to share with you how to keep your energy up at a shoot! This is a quick, easy and cheap recipe to keep you going!
Right before you leave (this is a car ride drink) put the following in a blender! (Serves 2):::

2 Bananas
1 can (6oz) of Gerber "Fruit Medley" dessert (YES, Baby food. All it is is blended fruit with tons of nutrients)
1 Yoplait Nonfat Apricot Mango yogurt (or any other flavor you feel like)
1/2 cup fat free milk
6 ice cubes
1 packet of Liptons "Green Tea To Go" Citrus Iced tea packets

That should last you generally up to 4 hours-if not (as I've said to keep with you in an earlier posting) eat peanuts! Nuts are full of protein and offer quick energy!

Not only all this-but STAY HYDRATED! =]

Hope this helps!
Killer foods! 07/31/2009

I have been a fan of this site for a while. http://www.dietitian.com/calcbody.php. They have great information on having a healthy body. I read almost every tab finding out information about everything! It was amazing how much I did not know about my own health! Using that link-and following it here-http://www.dietitian.com/calchelp.php I have come up with a healthy eating plan for me that helps me lose weight and literally feel great. I have found new and LASTING energy and better overall health. Reading about all this inspired me to really follow their eating plan and the results have been incredible and really healthy! I have followed it strictly and it doesn't even feel like I've missed out on anything! It has been whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lots of water! I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learned!

Reduces high blood pressure
Helps Arthritis, Asthma, and others
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
Almost zero calories
Cancer prevention
Lowers cholesterol
Vitamin C

Promotes hair growth
Helps digestion
Prevents nail splitting
Soothes skin and reduces swelling
Improves complexion
High in Fiber
Mostly water

More vitamin C than an orange
As much calcium as a glass of milk
3X more fiber than a slice of wheat bran bread
Rich in Vitamin A & Fiber
Contains Folic Acid (helps hair, skin and nail growth)
Reduces high blood pressure
Prevents many cancers

Vitamin A, B6, C
Helps with vision
Kills bacteria and Viruses/Helps immune function
Helps Metabolism
Helps maintain blood sugar levels
Promotes healthy lungs

High in Iron
Relieves clogged pores
Helps with acidity and poor digestion
Vitamin A & E
Protects against heart disease
Helps with heat stroke, hair loss, morning sickness and many more

Promotes a healthy heart
Cancer prevention
Asthma and Lung support

Vitamin A
Promotes good vision-helps with night vision
Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Promotes Colon and Lung health
Regulates blood sugar levels

Hope this helps!
Hey everyone. Thank you to those whom have been following my blog. After doing some research I found a lot of really useful information for those working to be a model-or otherwise. Here is what I found! This is mostly about skincare.

1. SALT WATER IS GOOD FOR THE SKIN! It has been used for centuries with many uses. Take a regular dip in salt water-or wash your skin with salt-oatmeal, and oil at home. Just wash with a regular product after.

2. It turns out-DON'T WEAR MAKEUP! I have stopped using makeup except for shoots for quite some time now.The results have been incredible and my face has cleared. But just because you're not wearing makeup does not mean not to-

3. WEAR SUNSCREEN. I personally love the smell of sunscreen-but hate to use it so I use a lotion that is made to protect against environmental stress just on my face. It is hydrating and protecting. Use it.

4. ICE CUBES rubbed around the eyes will get rid of darkness and puffyness.

5. A good friend of mine told me of WITCH HAZEL and NEOSPORIN. After cleansing and steaming the face-use cotton rounds wet with witch hazel. Rubbing that on the face will get rid of any extra dirt. Applying the Neosporin will get rid of the infection (what we call acne) and reduce inflammation along with getting rid of the acne scarring.

6. HANDS OFF! Keep your hands-arms-hair-everything OFF YOUR FACE! All that dirt and oil will clog your pores and create lines/wrinkles and acne.

7. DON'T FORGET THE NECK! They say the neck is one of the first places that shows aging. Why? Because we neglect it. Don't forget to use your cleanser down your neck-and keep the hands off. We often forget that to avoid the embarrassing "makeup line" we blend down our necks-so don't forget to take that off too.

8. Invest in OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID, GELATIN, and IRON pills. Iron will get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Gelatin promotes good hair, skin, and nails along with Omega 3.

9. EAT MANGOES. Studies show that mango has something in it that relieves clogged pores.

10. Don't be afraid to WORKOUT without makeup. The sweat gets rid of any dirt that would have clogged your pores in the future. Just be sure you wash it off with water following your workout.

Hope this helps!

This post is to help new models become the best they can be by helping them figure out just what they should bring on a shoot. For my modeling-I have a rolling kit and a hard makeup-kit. Here are the things you will need to bring with you on a shoot:

Hair Gel
Ponytails (Clear)
Baby Powder
Makeup brushes
Non-fragrance lotion
Smashbox Foundation primer
Foundation (both liquid and powder)
Lorac concealer
Eyeliner (Brown, White, and Black. Other colors can be used for select shoots but are not recommended for most shoots. Brown and black are meant to make the eye look smaller and separate it from the rest of the face. White can be used to make the eyes look bigger and take out redness or puffiness.)
Smashbox Photo-op Eye brightener for under eyes (Can be used on lips also for extra shine)
Every color in eyeshadow (to begin with start with more natural colors)
The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara by Maybelline
Smashbox "O Glow" and "O Gloss"
Bare Minerals or Clinique bronzer
Different color lip sticks
Clinique "Black Honey" lipstick. (This lipstick is developed to change to tint your own natural lip color)
Lip-liner Loreal
Maybelline Shiny-Licious Lip Gloss-"Pink Sorbet"
Makeup Forever Foundation setting powder
Safety Pins
Baby oil
Band aids with neosporin
Thongs (Both black and white)
Strapless bra
Breast Petals (Can be found at Walmart)
Chewy Bars
Peanuts (For energy in long shoots)
Water bottle
Towel or sheet (Often used for changing)
Clear nail-polish (can fix nylon runs)
Short Shorts or spankies (worn with short skirts that might blow in the wind)
Small sewing kit
Hand-sanitizer (THIS IS A MUST NOT FORGET)
Hand Warmers (for winter shooting)
Jewelry in a fishing tackle box
Tampons (or pads) (Hey-you never know)
Compact Mirror
Q-tips (for those of you who know me, Q-tips are good for EVERYTHING =])
Visine (can take the redness out of pimples AND eyes if put on under makeup)
Extra cash (in case parking calls for it)
Green Tea Pills (For energy in long shoots)

This should keep you good for quite some time. When looking for make-up. My favorite brands would have to be "Makeup Forever"(http://www.makeupforever.com/), "Sable Lee Cosmetics" (http://www.modelmayhem.com/sableleecosmetics) and "Covergirl"(http://www.covergirl.com/). "HIP" has really great eyeshadow pigments. (http://www.lorealparisusa.com) "Maybelline" is great for lip gloss and mascara. (http://www.maybelline.com/index.html)

Hope this helps!


Cliff and I have been working out more shoots over e-mail the last two days! I am super excited about them! We have three different shoots we need to find dates for. Haha.
 I am planning on going to an agency soon. My family and I are considering moving to California, Canada or New York after checking out the agencies here. I really want to make it far-and I appreciate that my family are willing to help in whatever way they can. Before I go-I am waiting for my hair and makeup artist Julia Ursino to cut and style my hair. I want to look my best. I've been eating better and working out a lot to try and be my best. I've been taking a lot better care of my skin too using a system by L’Abri' and PCA skin care. I have worked hard on keeping it clean and breathing more.  Last night as I was doing research about health I came across and AMAZING site about health. It talks about BMI and what is healthy after asking you a series of questions (which is so much better than asking about height and weight.) They asked about psyical activity....hours spent doing different things. It was fantastic! Using the same site they helped me come up with a personalized nutrition plan. I think everybody should check out this site! It's great!


Outside of modeling-my family had to put down our dog Roxy this morning. She had been suffering a bad infection in her leg for so long. Her birthday July 4th, Roxy was 10 years old. It has been really hard on our family-on top of other things life has just been really hard for us. We've suffered a lot of losses recently.

I am doing my blog a little different today. So here are some tips! I'll be posting lots of tips throughout my blogging life on here. =]

Ways to make swimsuit pictures killer!

1.) If your swimsuit shoot is in the p.m try not to eat a lot throughout the day; stick to juices and shakes/smoothies. This will keep you from bloating or feeling bad about yourself.

2.) While you're taking the pictures-slightly lean/arch your back-this will give you a longer looking torso and stretch out any excess skin you might be self conscious about. DO NOT OVERDO IT!

3.)While you're taking the pictures (and arching your back slightly) exhale completely and tighten your abs-this will show off lines and tones that you have. Doing so will also make your waist appear smaller.

4.) While you're taking the pictures (arching your back slightly and exhaling completely) try and push your ribs out to one side or the other (in dance this is called isolation's.) Doing this will give you a nice fine line down your middle while also showing off the toning you have.

5.) If you have an average or heavier side you can also follow the tips I listed above. Keep in mind while you're posing to be stretching out your body instead of slumping over.


Busy-busy! 06/30/2009

I got images from Gii Bii Studio! They're fantastic! I should be receiving a disk in the mail soon. I just got the teasers but they are BREATHTAKING! Everybody loves them! They've only been up on Model Mayhem for a day and have 100+ views already. 

Anyways, I had a shoot with Lars (LGImages) on Saturday. I met another model (Danyelle) and her mother and we shot together. We had so much in common and had such a fun time! The colors I saw on Lars' camera were so awesome! I got some teasers and posted them! Great fun that day!

Last night at 5pm-9:45pm I shot with Cliff W. Estes again of Barrowed Light Images-he is so fun to work with! We got MAGAZINE worthy images! Gorgeous colors and light. With all the swimsuits we did-we had quite a crowd haha. This one guy had a pink bike-I asked him if I could pose with it and we got some images! He asked if his bike would be famous now. HAHA. Anyways, I got two of those and will be getting the proofs in a week or so. =] 


I had a fantastic time shooting with Gii Bii Studio! My mom and I had a fantastic time traveling-HAHA we had to ask two people for directions! Our GPS did not work in Canada. We were in a vast of nothingness as I put it. Once we got there-I got to meet two other models. Their studio was in their basement-and was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL! I had so much fun-we did so many outfits. Kitty had SO many wedding dresses to try! I wanted one SO badly! We shot from 3-9pm and shooting was followed by a FANTASTIC dinner that Kitty, Tony and their family prepared for us! I want some right now actually. Haha. 

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