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Hey guys!
Thanks again for those of you reading my blog! My site stats show a lot of views and I am very thankful I can be helpful to you guys! So-in those posting I am going to share with you how to keep your energy up at a shoot! This is a quick, easy and cheap recipe to keep you going!
Right before you leave (this is a car ride drink) put the following in a blender! (Serves 2):::

2 Bananas
1 can (6oz) of Gerber "Fruit Medley" dessert (YES, Baby food. All it is is blended fruit with tons of nutrients)
1 Yoplait Nonfat Apricot Mango yogurt (or any other flavor you feel like)
1/2 cup fat free milk
6 ice cubes
1 packet of Liptons "Green Tea To Go" Citrus Iced tea packets

That should last you generally up to 4 hours-if not (as I've said to keep with you in an earlier posting) eat peanuts! Nuts are full of protein and offer quick energy!

Not only all this-but STAY HYDRATED! =]

Hope this helps!

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