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Hello everyone,
Sorry for the lack in postings! Tonight at midnight is when classes at the college for this quarter are officially over! It's about time! =] Anyways, I went to the THRIFT STORE (BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR MODELING CLOTHES) tonight to look for some clothes for the shoot TOMORROW at 3pm. I am so excited! It's going to be with Gii Bii Studio. I am really excited for this because it is going to be both studio-and outdoor. My mom and I plan to leave early tomorrow so I can go and tour Canada seeings as I've never been there. Wish us luck on the road! 

-Just posted some new pics in both Supri's album and in Cliff's shoot #2. =] They were both incredible shoots! I got the CD from Supri today and went through with my mom and family friend. Some FANTASTIC catalog worthy images in there! I also got a image by e-mail from Cliff....All just awesome-really awesome. 

Luv ya'll! =]

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