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Hey guys!
Sorry for not writing much! I have been so busy shooting! This week I have primarily been focusing on agencies and getting signed. I have learned a lot thanks to a lot of my friends who are signed and from my personal experiences. I found a really great site for portfolio image printing; they are fast and efficient. ( http://www.adoramapix.com  ) I received my portfolio images in the mail yesterday and ended up going into SMG (Seattle Models Guild) for their open call. I was actually surprised to see how many people were there (considering they have open calls twice a week). There were three girls there. It was interested to see the way they were dressed and how they looked. They all had paper peachy file folders and small 4x6 prints. They were all wearing makeup and nice clothing. I would have done the same if it weren’t for Kylie. Kylie Ann told me the right way to do things; a printed book, dark wash skinny jeans, black high-heels, a white or black tank, no makeup and natural hair (I heard a girl get critiqued on all this-she was too wrongly dressed in her shorts, hat, sneakers, and baggy top.) Anyways, they were called in alone while their mothers sat in the waiting room. One came out and said "I am too short, and my feet are too big." At that point I was freaking out. 6'0 and a size 10.5 wide shoe. What would they say about me? The next girl went in, and came out with a grumpy look-and said nothing. The one right before me went in and I could hear them say that her snapshots didn’t do her justice-the way she was dressed was wrong, and a ton of other things that made me sweat with anxiety. It was finally my turn. The lady brought me into a small room and asked my age, email, phone, measurements and asked for my book. I showed her and she said my look was too commercial for them, that I had great measurements but to check out TCM and Heffner model management. It was great learning-and I will be checking out other agencies next week!

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