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Hey everyone. Thank you to those whom have been following my blog. After doing some research I found a lot of really useful information for those working to be a model-or otherwise. Here is what I found! This is mostly about skincare.

1. SALT WATER IS GOOD FOR THE SKIN! It has been used for centuries with many uses. Take a regular dip in salt water-or wash your skin with salt-oatmeal, and oil at home. Just wash with a regular product after.

2. It turns out-DON'T WEAR MAKEUP! I have stopped using makeup except for shoots for quite some time now.The results have been incredible and my face has cleared. But just because you're not wearing makeup does not mean not to-

3. WEAR SUNSCREEN. I personally love the smell of sunscreen-but hate to use it so I use a lotion that is made to protect against environmental stress just on my face. It is hydrating and protecting. Use it.

4. ICE CUBES rubbed around the eyes will get rid of darkness and puffyness.

5. A good friend of mine told me of WITCH HAZEL and NEOSPORIN. After cleansing and steaming the face-use cotton rounds wet with witch hazel. Rubbing that on the face will get rid of any extra dirt. Applying the Neosporin will get rid of the infection (what we call acne) and reduce inflammation along with getting rid of the acne scarring.

6. HANDS OFF! Keep your hands-arms-hair-everything OFF YOUR FACE! All that dirt and oil will clog your pores and create lines/wrinkles and acne.

7. DON'T FORGET THE NECK! They say the neck is one of the first places that shows aging. Why? Because we neglect it. Don't forget to use your cleanser down your neck-and keep the hands off. We often forget that to avoid the embarrassing "makeup line" we blend down our necks-so don't forget to take that off too.

8. Invest in OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID, GELATIN, and IRON pills. Iron will get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Gelatin promotes good hair, skin, and nails along with Omega 3.

9. EAT MANGOES. Studies show that mango has something in it that relieves clogged pores.

10. Don't be afraid to WORKOUT without makeup. The sweat gets rid of any dirt that would have clogged your pores in the future. Just be sure you wash it off with water following your workout.

Hope this helps!

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