Kayla Annalise


"A very hard working ambitious, and flexible model who will make any photographers job seem easy.  That is how I'd describe Kayla, after only one photo session with her.   She has a natural ability to adapt to her surroundings and make them hers.  If you are looking for a model who will tolerate unusual situations and still deliver a top notch photo session than look no further than Kayla.
- Shane Savage, Savage Unlimited"

"Hello Models and Photographers
KAYLA ( such a nice model, she on time, easy to work with, helpful, work well with others, she is one of those models that really RELIABLE ,,,NO FLAKEY...I love to work with her, and love to work with her again,,,,If any PHOTOGRAPHERS want to work with her,,,,100% TRUSTED...and trust me!!!!! ..you will adore herrrrrrrrrr,,,,,We have so much fun together..she is open minded, really creative, really helpful, & and I love to work her again,,,,(((( she is the SWEETHEART,,,so cute , really helpful model, really patient ,she take direction really well,,, IF YOU WANT TO WORK WITH HER,,,, YOU DON'T GO WRONG WITH HER, YOU GO AND FIND OUT YOURSELF :) )))


"Kayla, it was wonderful working with you.  I loved your facial expressions and how you moved in front of the camera. . .you're a natural.  You were one of the easiest models that I have ever work with.  I thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot, and look forward to working with you on other projects.
I loved working with Kayla.  She has great expressions, and is very easy to work with on a project.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for versatility and beauty in a model.  She is very gifted and talented in front of the camera.  I look forward to working with her again. 

"Hey Kayla. You are such a blast to work with. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Your attitude is so great and you bring amazing enthusiasm to every frame. Combine all that with your height and terrific features and I think you'll get wherever it is you want to go. Thank you again, and be sure to thank your mom for me too. She was a big help. To anyone else reading this, if you get a chance to work with Kayla be sure to jump at it!
-Mutual Photo Company"

"Wholesome, Classy, Elegant, and Sophisticated are goals that Kayla has set for herself and already surpassed them. She is also professional, talented, creative, focused and such a joy to be around personally. I worked with Kayla in January and was very happy she had time for me out of her busy schedule. She not only took direction well, but she had ideas that made the image and the shoot even better. We went from model and photographer to a “team” very quickly. I had a great time working with her and hope that I may have that pleasure again some day. I wish her the best and I know she’ll do wonderful things in modeling and in her life. I hope we’re friends from years to come and I’ll be cheering her successes in her blessed life each step of the way.
-Classic Rock Photography"

"I worked with Kayla on a personal project / portfolio shoot on November 25th of this year where she modeled for a series of 200+ images. She brought a nice dynamic to the shoot in working subtle nuances in pose variation while also showing athleticism in movement shots. She was always well aware of the key light and how slight changes in angles can make the shot. I found her a pleasure to work with as she took direction well and possessed a strong interest in the study of fashion and commercial modeling. I would gladly work with her again on future projects. Gordon Watanabe"

‘It was to pleasure to shoot with Kayla. Kayla was on time, well prepared, and ready to work the entire time. I had described Kayla the visual concepts we were going to work on, and she brought her own creativity to the set and was engaged. Working with Kayla you not only get a model, you get someone to collaborate and create with. And that shows through in the results.”Allklier Photography

"I had the pleasure to work with Kayla Annalise and I was impressed with her posing abilities, energy and overall positive attitude. We planned the shoot on location and she was very punctual, professional and prepared. Unfortunately the weather wasn't. A few drops of rain and a cold wind could not stop Kayla from doing what she does great - being creative and keeping those poses. All the above qualities I mentioned are actually expected in a model so it might not sound so impressive to some. What is not expected, is to find a young model so passionate about what she's doing and yet so focused on what's equally important in her life - family and education. This is what sets Kayla apart from the YAM (Yet another model) crowd. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kayla again anytime. She's fun, beautiful and determined and I wish her all the best in her career and life."
Dan Druta

"I met Kayla for the first time on location at a photo shoot and was very impressed by her charm, outgoing personality and her willingness to learn.  Kayla adapted very well by showing a positive attitude and being very tactful in providing input towards creating some wonderful images.  Kayla has the beauty and grace that achieves a very high standard of imagery in the fashion and lifestyle market.  She is also one that demonstrates a high interest in Artistic work and is truly an asset to modeling that field.  I truly look forward to working with Kayla again and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a young model with a very high level of professionalism.
Randy Gerdes"

"Kayla has grown in a short 4 months from an aspiring girl to an outstanding young model. I have been privileged to work with her from the beginning and hopefully throughout her career. She's an outstanding person with great outgoing personality and very high beliefs and morals. She is always willing to try new things and very quick learner.Thank you for working with me and for being a friend.-Greg Pascarelli"-

Kayla Annalise Model