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This post is to help new models become the best they can be by helping them figure out just what they should bring on a shoot. For my modeling-I have a rolling kit and a hard makeup-kit. Here are the things you will need to bring with you on a shoot:

Hair Gel
Ponytails (Clear)
Baby Powder
Makeup brushes
Non-fragrance lotion
Smashbox Foundation primer
Foundation (both liquid and powder)
Lorac concealer
Eyeliner (Brown, White, and Black. Other colors can be used for select shoots but are not recommended for most shoots. Brown and black are meant to make the eye look smaller and separate it from the rest of the face. White can be used to make the eyes look bigger and take out redness or puffiness.)
Smashbox Photo-op Eye brightener for under eyes (Can be used on lips also for extra shine)
Every color in eyeshadow (to begin with start with more natural colors)
The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara by Maybelline
Smashbox "O Glow" and "O Gloss"
Bare Minerals or Clinique bronzer
Different color lip sticks
Clinique "Black Honey" lipstick. (This lipstick is developed to change to tint your own natural lip color)
Lip-liner Loreal
Maybelline Shiny-Licious Lip Gloss-"Pink Sorbet"
Makeup Forever Foundation setting powder
Safety Pins
Baby oil
Band aids with neosporin
Thongs (Both black and white)
Strapless bra
Breast Petals (Can be found at Walmart)
Chewy Bars
Peanuts (For energy in long shoots)
Water bottle
Towel or sheet (Often used for changing)
Clear nail-polish (can fix nylon runs)
Short Shorts or spankies (worn with short skirts that might blow in the wind)
Small sewing kit
Hand-sanitizer (THIS IS A MUST NOT FORGET)
Hand Warmers (for winter shooting)
Jewelry in a fishing tackle box
Tampons (or pads) (Hey-you never know)
Compact Mirror
Q-tips (for those of you who know me, Q-tips are good for EVERYTHING =])
Visine (can take the redness out of pimples AND eyes if put on under makeup)
Extra cash (in case parking calls for it)
Green Tea Pills (For energy in long shoots)

This should keep you good for quite some time. When looking for make-up. My favorite brands would have to be "Makeup Forever"(, "Sable Lee Cosmetics" ( and "Covergirl"( "HIP" has really great eyeshadow pigments. ( "Maybelline" is great for lip gloss and mascara. (

Hope this helps!

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